Gereth Mournsoul

Huge holy harvester


Gareth stands easily a full 6’6” tall, with the rangy build and dark tan of a man used to long distances in the saddle followed by hours of work. Warm black hair is kept cropped close to easily fit beneath his helm and his arms and armor, while hard worn, are obviously of the highest quality and meticulously cared for. The rose and grain symbol of Chauntea is engraved prominently on the breastplate of his armor.


Gareth was born the third son of the Mournsoul family, a noble line of ancient lineage in the nation of Cormyr. The Mournsoul’s own vast swaths of agricultural land and have always given proper due to the Earth other, for self preservation if no other reason. As such all members of the family were expected to study agriculture and how to properly manage a farm under the guidance of priests of Chauntea.

Free from many of the demands placed on his older siblings, Gareth spent much of his time either studying with the family Swordmaster or patrolling the family’s holdings, routing bandits, retrieving lost cattle and missing children, or simply flying the family colors to let those who worked the land know they were protected.

As he grew older Gareth realized that he had fewer prospects among the noble families than the average ale merchant. The life of a courtier representing his family’s interests and fawning over those above him in rank seemed like nothing so much as a slow death through boredom and Gareth had always spoken his mind plainly, a trait rarely appreciated at court.

His mother, Dalestra, had always doted on her children and suggested joining the clergy as a way to find purpose in his life. While he had always felt drawn to the land and it’s people, Gareth felt that the life of a priest lacked the excitement and travel he had grown accustomed to over the years.

Seeking clarity he set off, roaming the oldest vineyards and farms in his family’s holdings. Speaking with the priests and farmers he learned of a section of land that had fallen barren many decades before, where nothing would grow but choking brambles and weeds.

Seeing this as a sign, Gareth set off into the desolate lands alone. After some days word was sent to his family that he was missing and the family Swordmaster was dispatched along with a contingent of the house guard and gamekeepers to search for him. As they attempted to enter the thicket the were beset by poisonous snakes of all types and the land itself seemed to resist their journey and they were forced to withdraw.

Shortly after, Gareth emerged from the thicket, gaunt and exhausted, bearing the head of a titanic serpent with the tear drop symbol of Talona brightly displayed in its scales.

He explained that a green lady had lead him through the thicket, revealing a womb-like cave swarming with serpents. There in the depths he found a priestess of the lady of poison, their form twisted into that of a half serpent form, tending a shrine to Chauntea that had been defiled and turned to Talona’s foul cult. The shrine poisoned the land and let nothing grow. Gareth had battled the priestess and with her death the waters of the shrine had become clear and the land would once again flourish. Gareth returned home with the head of the priestess and presented it to his family, declaring his intention to join the church of the Earthmother, not as a priest but as a wandering knight, a paladin.

Since that time Gareth has wandered the realms, assisting wherever there is need, be that need marauding monsters, a crop gone bad with blight, or a wedding in need of officiation.

His journeys have taken him across the world as far as distant Calimshan and the Bloodstone lands, but he always seems to find his way back to his home to check in on his family and the lands that gave him his purpose.

Gereth Mournsoul

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